WIP Wednesday

Special edition…12/12/2012
Right now
::listening to a new Christmas cd. His and Her Christmas. Warm music is filling the air, calming the fighting children, surrounding us with the Christmas spirit.
::awaiting new to us couches to show up
::knitting on the gazillion Christmas presents that are still needed to be finished.
::smelling oatmeal cookies that are still warm from the oven.

So in our family we are all artistic. Woodworkers, seamstresses, quilters, crocheters, knitters painters, and pottery makers are all in my family. The best part of our family is we share. We make things for each other because we know it will be appreciated. A knitted shawl will not go unworn stuffed in the back of a closet but instead shown with pride on loving shoulders. The only down fall about this time of year is how much time we all have to make the said gifts. When your family is 18 people large and ever growing, it is difficult to lovingly create each person a personalized item. To make it more fun for the inevitable unfinished gift we give half finished objects wrapped beautifully. One year I received a box with 2 hinges and a can of paint. It was to be a beautiful yarn/china cabinet that was finished a week into January.
So some of my things I’m working with this week is a black wool/cashmere Pipers journey shawl.
A cowl knit for a swap, a dozen toys made for all the little ones in my life and a hat for a teacher we adore. The children will all get finished toys due to once they get them they won’t want to give them back even if it has no legs. Adults have no problem understanding what they get in the end will be better and have love in it and not stress poured into their gift. How do you balance the love pouring into the gift and not the stress of this time of year?


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A new beginning

A new beginning

Life won’t slow down and I’m slightly tired of it. I want to enjoy this moment not be worried about next week or even what to have for dinner. I’m willing to try anything to find myself again. So I’m going to attempt to document the things that are happening right now.
Right now the house is quiet. Kids went back to school after a week off and my husband just left for work. Right now I should be doing dishes but am trying to clear my head instead. Right now I am worried about the amount of Christmas gifts I need to knit and the small amount of time I have to knit them in. Right now I’m trying to get the Rhythm of the house back. The peaceful give and take that our house has is disrupted and I long for it again. This is my journey to find myself and my rhythm in a fast paced life I no longer want to be a part of.

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